From our first product in 1990 our black suede ripple sole desert boot 'Rocky'

& our iconic platform boot of the 90's 


ROC has evolved a street footwear culture of its own! 


Operated by the Cull Family, ROC product is Australian designed from its Sydney base and combines youth trend with High quality materials and great fit!


ROC style is about profile, texture & quality materials. 


ROC has a strong following with Australian youth & are well known for their iconic leather boots that

make a statement reflecting attitude & personality in their designs,

and still be comfortably worn every day. 


ROC is inspired by street style, youth culture, music, festivals & its ROC evolution! 


ROC is on a much bigger journey now with online retail available in Australia, 

New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong & USA.


Join us on the journey and leave your footprint in your ROC's!


ROC Boots Australia